And Here's How We Started...

Our first encounters with coffee pouches was through our travels in Asia, when we became instant fans of their simplicity and quality. We came home from separate trips, each carrying a suitcase full of Pour Over Pouches, wondering why they were so hard to find in the States. And that was our lightbulb moment!

As roommates, we've spent many mornings scrambling over each other in our small San Francisco kitchen, trying to brew a cup of coffee before our first meetings. We were so excited to find the perfect solution from overseas, and wanted to share it with everyone here!

...We Do Take Our Coffee Seriously.

When we started Hangover Coffee, we made commitment to only sourcing specialty coffee. Not only is it the highest grade of coffee, specialty coffee also puts emphasis on tuning each step of the production process to bring out the best of each bean.

All of our offerings are also single-origin coffee, which are small batch roasted to capture the flavor nuances of each region. Our coffee is roasted to order and quickly packaged after grinding to ensure freshness. Each pouch is packaged with nitrogen flush technology for a 12-month shelf life.

Fast, Fresh, and Fuss-Free!

Hangover Coffee is the simplest way to brew a fresh premium cup of coffee. We make Pour Over Pouches - filter bags filled with coffee grounds that hang over your cup. The only other things you'll need are a kettle, a mug, and two minutes of your time. 

Hangover Coffee is Perfect for....

Airbnb living, adventuring, working from home, busy mornings, care packages, dorm life, upgrading from instant coffee, not paying $5 to Starbucks everyday, hitting snooze one more time, and of course - hungover mornings. We're always happy to have a few Pour Over Pouches ready to go, and we're sure you will too!

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