1. Tear open the pouch at the perforation. Gently pull open the wings to hang the pouch over your mug.
  2. Heat at least a cup of water to 200°F. If you don't have a temperature setting on your kettle, bring the water to a boil. Then either wait 30 seconds with the kettle lid open or add 1oz of cold water. 
  3. Pour hot water halfway up the pouch (1oz), soaking the grinds but not filling the pouch. Wait 20 seconds. This step is called "blooming" the grinds. 
  4. Refill the pouch with hot water 2-3 more times (7-8oz) depending on how strong you like your coffee
  5. Discard the Pour Over Pouch and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee!



The temperature of the water affects what kinds of flavors you extract from the grinds. Boiling water is too hot, and over-extracts the coffee, leaving the final cup with unpleasant bitter notes. If the water is too cold, it under-extracts your grinds, and leaves you with a bland cup and sour notes. 
Hangover Coffee Pour Over Coffee Optimal Water Temperature




After coffee is roasted, the beans release carbon dioxide, which is called "degassing." After the beans are ground, the degassing happens even faster. This process is further accelerated when the grinds come in contact with hot water. The blooming step helps the carbon dioxide escape into the air, rather than going into the coffee. Carbon dioxide leaves a sour taste if it gets into your coffee, so blooming helps you brew a smoother, less sour cup.
Hangover Coffee Pour Over Coffee Blooming Stage. What is a Bloom?




If your mug is deep and tall, the pouch sits above the coffee level in your cup throughout the whole brewing process, so the hot water is only extracting from the grinds as it drips through the pouch. However, if your mug is smaller or shallower, then towards the end of your brew the pouch is sitting below the waterline of coffee in your mug, which means the grinds are getting immersed again by your coffee, and you will extract a bit more flavor this way. Neither is better or worse, but you will likely get a stronger and slightly more bitter cup if you use a smaller mug.
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Hangover Coffee Single Serve Pour Over Coffee 3 Step Instructions

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