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HOUSE FAVORITE! Happy Hour is packed with floral aromas and flavors of blueberry, raisin, and molasses*. It has the clean, bright taste characteristic of light roasts, but without too much acidity. 

The Happy Hour is perfect for you if you love the fruitiness and complexity of light roasts, and look for coffee where you find new flavors with every sip you take!

Box includes 10 Pouches
Light Roast
Ethiopia Guji
Flavor notes Blueberry, raisin, molasses


*Our Pouches contain 100% coffee, with no added flavors. The foods listed are tasting notes we pick up!

Experience what craft coffee has to offer

We want to inspire a love for coffee that goes far beyond the drink itself — a love for the care, craft, and story behind each cup. You will be hooked.


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